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  • “I have seen enough of the horrors of war and want peace”

    Hugo Throssell
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    Hugo Throssell, in a speech at the 1919 Victory parade in Northam, printed in the local paper and reproduced in Throssell's son's biography.

    Hugo Vivian Hope Throssell VC (1884 – 1933), Second-Lieutenant of the 10th Light Horse, was an Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross for his bravery at Gallipoli. He was honoured for his conduct during a Turkish counter-attack where despite multiple wounds he refused to leave his post at Hill 60 and managed to secure the situation at a critical time. The post war years saw Hugo become an outspoken advocate about the futility of war, ending in his tragic suicide in 1933.

    Image A03688, courtesy of the AWM.