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  • “Their duty was to come here and invade, ours was to defend”

    Adil Şahin
  • Author:
    Adil Şahin, a Turkish veteran of Gallipoli.

    Recruited in 1914 at the age of just 16, Adil was a shepherd who left Buyuk Anafarta village to serve at Gallipoli in the Fifth Ottoman Army. He fought at Hell Spit throughout the ANZAC landing, later retreating to Third Ridge. He was interviewed for ABC documentaries in the 1980s, insightfully detailing the hardship and loss faced by the Turkish troops. Husamettin Karamanli, Sahin’s grandson, said his grandfather was proud to have fought for Turkey and that ‘he was from the local village, he was a guide during the war because he knew every rock, nook and cranny in the area’.

    Image courtesy of Harvey Broadbent.