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“The most moving aspect of the Gallipoli story and the Australian - Turkish relationship is the manner in which soldiers of both countries were able to keep their humanity in the most inhumane conditions. This humanity became the seed for the remarkable respect and dignity shown not only in battle, but which gave rise to the deep bond of friendship that is as strong and vital today as it was a century ago.”

Matthew Harding, Artist

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The Australian Turkish Friendship Memorial

The Gallipoli legend forms part of our national identity. The relationship which has evolved between Turkey and Australia from 1915 to the present day is fundamental to the ANZAC narrative, a unique connection centred on the respect both forces developed for each other during the 1915 campaign. The Australian Turkish Friendship Memorial Sculpture, Seeds of Friendship, marks the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings and pays tribute to the extraordinary origins of this a shared history.

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