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  • “At this spectacle even the most gentle must feel savage and the most savage must weep”

    Turkish soldier
  • Author:
    Aubrey Herbert recalls words from a Turkish soldier, noted in his book Mons, Anzac and Kut, Hutchinson & Co.

    When the Gallipoli campaign began, Aubrey Herbert (1880–1923) was appointed by the Australian and New Zealand Division as a translator and intelligence officer. Along with the Turkish commander Mustafa Kemal, Herbert was recognised as being instrumental in arranging the armistice on 24 May 1915, where the Turks and the Anzacs met for the first time in no-man’s-land to bury the dead. While surveying the area, a Turkish officer who came and gave Herbert some antiseptic wool eloquently expressed the mood at the site amongst the soldiers.

    Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

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