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  • “There is hell waiting here.”

    C.A. McAnulty
  • Author:
    C.A. McAnulty, Australian soldier killed in action at Lone Pine, 7–12 August 1915.

    Cecil Anthony McAnulty (1888-1915) was enlisted with the 2nd Infantry Battalion and sent to Gallipoli to support the 3rd Battalion. During his time in Gallipoli he kept detailed records of his experiences in a diary, with his last entries depicting the Battle of Lone Pine. He described events of conflict and weapon fire, and his incredulity at reaching the Turkish trenches. His last entry detailing the struggle finishes mid-sentence, and he was killed in action shortly after.

    Image RC11405, courtesy of AWM. 

    Sources and further reading:

    Transcripts of diary relating to the First World War service of 1803 Private Cecil Anthony McAnulty 3rd Infantry Battalion.